We can never measure all that nature, community and tradition have given us. We believe in doing our part – as hoteliers, as human beings – to honor and preserve these. 

We recognize that the tourism industry can have a significant impact on the environment, and as such, we have implemented sustainable practices that not only benefit the environment but also contribute to the social and economic well-being of the communities in which we operate.


We believe that by working together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future for ourselves and for future generations. The Chablé way is all about living in balance with the natural world, and we will continue to honor this pledge as we move forward.


As members of a global community, we share a planet and a responsibility to protect its natural resources. By giving back to nature through responsible travel, we can help to ensure that these destinations remain beautiful, vibrant, and sustainable for years to come.


People hold vibrations and invite joy, and we honor you, our guest with gratitude for our staff, who exude warmth in delivering service from the heart. We prioritize employing and sourcing locally, which allows us to support the communities in which we operate while also providing our guests with an authentic experience.


Perhaps nothing influences experience as profoundly as place, which inspires a careful recognition and preservation of resources. Each Chablé Hotel is designed with great attention to detail, utilizing the natural landscape and orientation of the land. We carefully consider renewable building materials to create spaces that prioritize a direct connection with nature.


Purpose shared is purpose fulfilled, and for us, it’s the desire to promote balance and longevity. Our purpose is to not only provide an exceptional experience for our guests but also to leave a lasting positive impact on the environment and society. We believe that by working towards a sustainable future, we can create a better world for future generations.


Globally and locally relevant goals, as defined by the united nations

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide a strategic framework that helps us to recognize the local and global impact of our actions in promoting the wellness of our planet and community. We have prioritized the following global goals as being the most relevant to our pledge to honor all that the earth has given us and to respect and uphold the communities around us:

The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals provide a strategic framework for us to adopt in every action and contribute to our planet & society.
We have prioritized the following global goals that are most relevant to our pledge:

Good health and well-being | Decent work and economic growth | Responsible consumption and production | Climate action | Life below water | Life on land


See some of our practices – both behind-the-scenes and guest-inclusive – that are intended to preserve precious resources, encourage wellness, and support local communities.


We wholeheartedly practice resource preservation and responsible waste management.

A few examples include:
  • At all Chablé properties, we are plastic-bottle-free. At Chablé Maroma and Chablé Yucatán alone, this saves an average of 7,000 bottles per month
  • In 2021, we installed 1,848 solar panels at Chablé Yucatán, which generate 60% of the energy we currently use. This reduces emissions by 812 tons of carbon dioxide per year, the equivalent of planting 4,318 trees
  • At Chablé Maroma, we operate a water recycling plant – a fully automated standalone unit that recycles processed water by treating the water cost-efficiently.
  • Casa Chablé uses solar panels for energy and is not connected to the public electricity network. The property also purifies water for consumption with a reverse-osmosis system.
  • Each of our hotels are designed to exist in symbiosis with the surrounding environment; they extend the surrounding landscapes and culture in as non-invasive a way as possible. Beach vegetation was preserved, and the mangroves and groundwater table are closely guarded by the four permanent flood-level monitoring stations we installed to provide the best conditions for mangrove conservation.


We celebrate being intertwined with the land and people who make our destinations so special. Communities are precious and we take great pride in supporting local populations.
  • The boutiques at both Chablé Yucatán and Chablé Maroma are filled with inimitable, lovingly crafted wares made locally and regionally. The products we sell are made by more than 30 local artisans from 20 different communities spanning several Mexican states.
  • One of our top priorities is to empower local communities by providing provide decent jobs with honorable standards and rights at work, social protection, and social dialogue. 40% of our collaborators are local to each property, and proudly offer warm, genuine service to every guest.


We revere Mexico’s rich cultural heritage. Each property has a unique way of inviting guests to discover our traditions for themselves, fostering greater appreciation for and understanding of our collective humanity. Some examples of these guest experiences include:
  • The temazcal – or steam house – at Chablé Yucatán and Chablé Maroma offers rituals based upon one of the oldest forms of medicine, where one’s physical, mental, and spiritual awareness converge.
  • Spa ceremonies incorporating Mayan healing practices
  • Traditional Mayan cooking classes
  • A stunning, delectable culinary offering blending ancient and modern ingredients and techniques, at each of our restaurants


While being here is in itself a way of connecting to the natural world, our philosophy rests on the premise that we have a responsibility to conserve and protect animals. Therefore, we focus on protecting populations of white-tailed deer, armadillos, Melipona bees, and coatis. We offer a number of ways for guests to immerse themselves further into understanding and appreciating the ecosystems around our properties. A few examples of these experiences include:
  • In partnership with OCEANUS A.C., our coral restoration program supports the Caribbean Mexican reef off the coast of Punta Maroma – part of the mesoamerican reef, which is the world’s second largest barrier reef. We outplant 650 live colonies each year and invite guests to adopt a coral by adding a personal wish to a cement base, which OCEANUS A.C. will later place in the sea before sending the guest a photo of their base, now ready to accept its coral outplant.
  • The “Green Route” experience at Chablé Yucatan takes guests by bicycle throughout the lush trails weaving throughout the property and the former hacienda grounds, as a guide points out highlights, native flora and fauna, and some of our sustainable practices.
  • At Chablé Yucatán, guided experiences at our Melipona bees sanctuary honors several species native to this part of the world – stingless bees that possess a fiercely loyal and protective spirit, and that produce deeply medicinal, delicious, rare honey.
  • Children’s activities include organic gardening and nature walks


The Mayans and other ancient cultures believed that food is sacred and should be consumed with gratitude and respect for its bounty. We hold that belief in the highest regard, and also revel in the exceptionally varied flavors, ingredients and techniques that characterize Mexican culinary traditions. Our farm-to-table, made-from-scratch, and sustainable fishing efforts not only help us have a lighter footprint, but also deliver extraordinarily fresh and delicious ingredients and dishes to our guests. Practices include:
  • We grow a beautiful array of produce in the more than 115 ka’anches at our properties. A ka’anche is a traditional, raised Mayan garden. Building and growing food in these allows us to recreate harvesting techniques that have not been used in over a century. We also have production beds on the ground, equivalent to 20 square meters for each bed. In our ka’anches, we grow radishes, coriander, oregano, basil, citronella, stevia, chives, cherry tomato, and habanero pepper, among other delectable fruits, herbs and vegetables. In total, we harvest 55 different species.
  • We produce more than 20 food items from scratch, including mayonnaise, ice cream, sorbets, salty and sweet bread, tortillas, jams, sauces, granola, mole, amaranth, chocolate truffles, and crowbars
  • We partner with different sustainable fisheries that adapt to the reproductive rate of fish, to maintain a balance and ensure the survival of all species.
  • Our chefs and restaurants are part of the “Pesca con Futuro” movement, which aims to spread a message of sustainability in fish and aquaculture in Mexico, keeping aquatic populations healthy.
  • We source mackerel, tuna and golden fish from Ensenada, hotfish (boquinete) from Quintana Roo, and sea bass from La Paz.


For us, sustainability is not only about nurturing our precious communities and ecosystems, but also about encouraging our guests along their personal journey toward happiness and fulfillment. Each of our properties offer wellbeing-focused experiences, activities, ceremonies and rituals – as well as unmistakable immersion in nature, which is healing in itself. Whether practicing yoga next to a cenote or on the beach, riding a bicycle through trails canopied by verdant plant life and brilliant birdsong, strolling on the beach, connecting with your game in a self-expressive way at Chablé Yucatán’s Wellness Golf course, exploring local historical sites, working out in the fitness center, enjoying fresh whole cuisine, falling asleep to the sounds of nature…ever moment brings you closer to the present and reignites your inner joy.



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